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About me

Thank you for taking time to learn about who I am!  Basically I'm a nerdy engineer with a dry sense of humor!

I graduated from LTU with a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and have been in Engineering Sales since college.  However I've always been fascinated by Spiritual topics so my mind has been a Spiritual Sponge of Sorts on and off for years.



In the past I've grown my skills of intuition and channeling with training by Rev. Shala Kilmer.  I've also held "Spiritual Circles" where we have shared, learned, and grew from each other's insights..

Currently I am divorced with two awesome children I see quite frequently.  I came out as gay in 2012 and have had a life of living free from hiding ever since.  I would like to get married again one day, only this time to a man of course! 

Now that my kids are grown, this next chapter in my life is to help others.  

The guy next to me is my father.   When you spoke to him, he was the kind of guy who always had the right answer.  Now our family jokes when situations arise and we happily say, "WWLD..... or What Would Larry Do?"  He had a way with words and people which would bring comfort and assurance that everything would be okay.  This website is dedicated to him, mostly because I can feel him pushing me in this direction at this point in my life.  Dad, keep leaving me those dimes and visiting me in my dreams!

readings by psychic medium Keefer.  Located 20 minutes south of Detroit and 30 minutes north of the Toledo Ohio border in the downriver area.
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